Mother's Day

One of the hardest days
of the year.

As far as I'm concerned,
it's all the "potential"
mothers who need the applause,
cards, gifts and flowers.

It's the women struggling
with infertility that deserve
a day, a week, a month dedicated
to their struggle.

Unfortunately, it's a topic
no one wants to talk about.

The fertile don't want to
know or hear about the plight
of the infertile.

It's one of the "unfairness
of life" ordeals that no one
can explain or find a reason
or purpose for...most of all the
couples going through it.

So to all those women who are
crying today and avoiding church
and wishing the day would go away..
I've thought about you today and
understand your pain and want you
to know that it's just a 24 hour
deal and tomorrow is another

IVF and War

She came to the clinic
for her first appointment
along with her husband.

She cried and cried.

He was leaving for war
in a week.

He was macho and composed
as all men are when they are
going off to "fight."

At the end of the appointment
the nurse didn't know what to say.

What can you say to someone
who is essentially a
stranger, but may never
return from war??
Take care? Good luck?
Hope you'll be OK?
See you later??
All she could manage
was "Be safe."

The wife was going to
do IVF without him.
Go through her first
cycle alone.

It's incredible that
she would want to get
pregnant and possibly
be a single parent.

Whenever she came to the clinic
the nurse gave her TLC.
The nurse went up to the procedure
area the morning of her
retrieval, so she would
see a familiar face.

She was tearful.
When she was waking up
she was crying. She
wanted her husband.
The staff wanted him to be
there too.

In spite of all
her effort,
she didn't get pregnant.
She suffered alone,
without him.

While he was fighting
a war, she was fighting
for her fertility.

What a terrible thing
war is.

What a terrible thing
infertility is.

She deserved a medal
for bravery and courage
to endure it.

The ending was happy.
Although the war
wasn't over,
her husband came home.
She got pregnant on her

She won the fight..

In spite of a war and
IVF, she delivered a
healthy baby.

Thank you God.

The new Mothers in my life

I am now concentrating on a
different type of mother...

We bought 3 pregnant cows and
waiting for them to deliver is
driving me crazy!

They are supposed to deliver
in March / April
However, 3 weeks ago we had
a boy!!

Now there are two more to go.
I've been home the past 5
days. I am sitting in the sunroom
studying for my college classes and
looking out the window every 5

I'm watching the little one like a
hawk, although so is his mother!
I'm constantly looking at the
other 2 mothers to see if I can
tell if they are going into labor.

I've never owned cows and
wouldn't know how to tell if
they are laboring except
for what I've read on the internet.

It's making me so nervous!

But even the birth of a calf is
such a miracle.

I wonder if cows are ever

Behind Closed Doors

I just finished reading the new
book "Behind Closed Doors."
It was published by Mikki
Morrisette in cooperation
with the Donor Sibling Registry.

It is a book that tells the story
of donor conception from the
side of the donor, the donor conceived
child and the parents of those

I read it in one sitting.
It was sad and insightful and

Conceiving a child with the
use of donor gametes creates
so many feelings and touches
more than the parent and the

The feelings range from joy,
excitement, fear, guilt, longing,
shame, love, understanding, anger,
jealousy, and acceptance.

If you know anyone that has
used donor gametes or third
party reproduction, this is an
excellent book for them to read.

I think it should also be a mandatory book
for health professionals involved in the
reproductive endocrinology field.

It really opened my eyes to all
the consequences that evolve from
these forms of assisted reproduction.

I appreciate all the people
who put their feelings out there
for the public to view.
Good job everyone!