The new Mothers in my life

I am now concentrating on a
different type of mother...

We bought 3 pregnant cows and
waiting for them to deliver is
driving me crazy!

They are supposed to deliver
in March / April
However, 3 weeks ago we had
a boy!!

Now there are two more to go.
I've been home the past 5
days. I am sitting in the sunroom
studying for my college classes and
looking out the window every 5

I'm watching the little one like a
hawk, although so is his mother!
I'm constantly looking at the
other 2 mothers to see if I can
tell if they are going into labor.

I've never owned cows and
wouldn't know how to tell if
they are laboring except
for what I've read on the internet.

It's making me so nervous!

But even the birth of a calf is
such a miracle.

I wonder if cows are ever


sjobs said...

To answer your last question, yes cows can by infertile.

I was reading your blog and in away I have felt many of things but in a different area.

I am 42, never have been married or in a serious relationship. I just haven't found that "person" to share my life with. In the past, when my friends were all getting married, I often wondered why it wasn't me??? To this day, I don't have the answer.

I happy to have found your blog.

Take care,


Jason said...

Here is some more information about cows and infertility:

When a cow is infertile, it is called a free martin. This happens to cows from time to time. The most common way that a heifer is born a free martin is if it is a twin and the sibling is a bull.