Two IS A Family

Sometimes, when we
are struggling with infertility
and under a mountain of pain,
it is hard to remember that we
have a partner. Someone we
promised to love, honor and
Someone we married to become
a family.

When the holidays roll around,
so much of the world is focused on
toys and Santa and children.
It is then we need to get closer to
our partner and remember why
we fell in love and what the good
parts of our relationship are.

By remembering that "two is a
family" we will be able to cope better and
maybe., just next year, it will
be three.....


Cibele said...

Hi, I am new in blogland and just came upon your blog today
Well said. I went to a counseling session about Holidays and IF and the counselor said something that really stuck in my mind: HONOR THE FAMILY YOU HAVE NOW! yes, two IS a family. I realized if we don’t believe that nobody else will! so for my Christmas card it was our family picture: JUST US!!!
Good luck to you and until the day does not come for our family to grow may we enjoy the one we have now!

Debby and Tory said...

I also believe that 2 is a family. Just me and my 19 month old daughter. I think a lot of people see us as a single mom and child, but we are a family, just the same as a family with 2 partners. I know the assumption of couples is that they either have children or are trying for children, and that can be hurtful, but so too can be the assumption that all families are made up of mommy/daddy, mommy/mommy, or daddy/daddy. We have come so far after so long, so please, world, accept our family as we define it. Don't feel sorry for us because we have no "daddy!"