Goodbye Dr. Craig

Dr. Craig is moving on to
bigger and better things.

A new and important
job. We will still see his
smiling face, but he will
no longer be running our

He leaves behind an
ambivalent IVF staff.
We are happy and proud
of him. We wish him all the
best in his new position.
But we mourn the loss of his
friendship, medical expertise,
kindness, immense knowledge
of IVF and his humor.

He leaves behind a population
of happy patients. Patients
who never would have become
parents without him.

He started our IVF program in 1987.
Over the years, through
his leadership, we have grown
and progressed and created many
lives along the way.

He is our "Yoda."
In the Star Wars Universe,
Yoda is the wisest,
most revered
and the most powerful of the
Jedi Masters.
Dr. Craig is our wisest and most
revered master of IVF.

We are sad to see him go
but know he touched not
only the lives of his patients,
but also the staff who worked
with him.