Who is Dr. Craig?

If you have seen any
of the "Before You Were
Born...Our Wish For A
Baby" books, you will
see a rabbit named Dr. Craig.

Dr. Craig is a "real" physician.
He has a great sense of humor,
a memory like an elephant and most
importantly, the sensitivity to
be a kind and caring doctor.

The patients love Dr. Craig
because he's smart, encouraging
and takes his time with them.

The nurses love Dr. Craig too,
except for when his "I'll be
there in 2 minutes" turns
into 2 hours!

Dr. Craig is the ultrasound "guru."
If you want to know about
your antral follicle counts and ovarian
volume (which help determine how
well you will stimulate), or your uterine
polyps, or c-section scarring,
he's your man.

Dr. "D" refers to him appropriately
as "Yoda."
"Yoda" is a Sanskrit word for "warrior."
In the Star Wars Universe,
Yoda is the wisest, most revered
and the most powerful of the
Jedi Masters.
When young Padawans begin their
Jedi training, they do so
under Yoda's guidance and many
go on to become the
Republic's greatest Jedi.

And so it is with Dr. Craig.
He is a warrior against infertility,
and he is wise and revered by
his peers. Many of the residents
that train with him, go on to
be excellent physicians.

And just as the "dark side"
feared the Jedi, so should
infertility fear Dr. Craig.

Because he is trying his
best to change infertility
into fertility. And he
is doing it with skill,
knowledge and empathy
for the patient.

Bless you Dr. Craig and
may the Force be with you.......

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Anonymous said...

Boy, how things must haved changed in the past few years. Dr. Craig has not been responsive to my needs and some complaints/ suggestions I made about my treatment at the clinic. He didn't even have the courtesy to address my issues, either in person, on the phone, or in writing. When dealing with fertility issues, it is imperative to be considerate of what your patients are going through. Thus far, I have NOT been impressed with Dr. Craig or Fertility Treatment Center. I am happy for those of you who have great things to say, but I just wanted to make you aware of my experience there. Unfortunately, I am know looking for another physician. That's too bad, because their success rate is good. The question is, should I stay with a physician just because of their success rate, when they do not respect me as a person??