Lean on Your Friends

Don't go through the stress of
infertility alone.

I know that you have a
partner who is suffering with
you. But they don't always
feel it the same as you do.

It is especially difficult for
men to understand. If they
can't fix it, then either
it's not that big of a deal
or they ignore it.

I know that you need
your privacy. Some care
about that more than
others. But there is
always someone you can
turn to, even if it's a stranger.
You are not alone in this
process. There
are many friends to be found,
whether it is your best friend
from childhood, someone you met
in the clinic, a friend who has done
IVF and totally understands your
pain and stress,
even "strangers" on message
boards have good shoulders to
lean on (strangers are just
people you haven't yet met)

I'll be your friend and a
sounding board if you need
I have walked in your shoes.
Email me. I'm here!


help me up
my friend.

dust me off.

feed me warmth.

you are comfort.

let me lean on you
until I can stand

I will then stand a little

and you will be
to have a friend
such as me.

(by Peter McWilliams)

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