Best Friends

There's nothing better than
having a best friend.

If you are lucky, you will
have a best friend throughout
your entire life.

I have a best friend that I met
when I was 15.

We both worked at a fast food

We've been together
through thick and thin.
Even though we live a thousand
miles apart, we are still close
in our hearts.

My best friend has helped
me stand back up every time
life has kicked me to the floor.

We have marathon phone calls
where we talk for 2 or 3 hours.
I know she's there for me
night or day and I'm there
for her.

If you're ever lucky enough to
have a true best friend,
hang on to her.

A best friend is more valuable and
precious than anything else
in the world.

Thank you dear "Wag" for
always being there in my life.


Playground In My Mind said...

Janice, this is a very nice post. It makes me yearn for one. :) As a military brat, I am not a "keeper" of people. i keep things and I wasn't able to keep much from my youth-if anything at all. Sweet post. hugs, Renee

Dr. Deb said...


I have a friend like that - we are separated by coasts, east and west. Thanks for visiting my blog, and yeah, I'm glad that Tom and Scientology are out of the news (at least for now). My friend has endured years of IVF, and has one child and another on the way. Miracle work it is. Another miracle are how meds can improve the quality of one's life!