Why Do Fertility Treatments Cost So Much???

An average fresh IVF cycle using your
own eggs and your husband's sperm
costs $14,000 - $17,000! Each time
you do it!
Some insurances cover it and some
do not.

If you need donor "anything",
your insurance may cover
it or they may not cover
a thing and then you are
expected to pay out of pocket!

Isn't it bad enough that you are
having so many problems getting
pregnant?  And then to top it off,
you finally go for fertility
treatments and find out it will cost
you an arm and a leg (not that you
wouldn't give a limb to get

How the hell is that fair?
Is it fair that you have no eggs
or your eggs are too old
or your husband has no sperm?
Is it fair that you physically cannot
carry a pregnancy?

Isn't enough that you have been
on the "trying to make a baby"
merry-go-round with countless
months and years of

How are people supposed
to come up with that kind
of money?

Yeah, celebrities do it (and
pretend they don't)
but they make ridiculous

Instead of happily shopping for
baby clothes, nursery furniture,
awesome toys and signing up for
all those "wish list" items on
your baby registry you have to make
a freaking decision such as "should I buy
a house or should I 'buy'
a pregnancy????

No one should have to make a
decision like that..............

If insurance pays for birth control,
abortions, Viagra, difficult pregnancies
and neonatal care, they should have
to pay for reproductive technology.
Otherwise that is discrimination
against women who cannot get
pregnant in the conventional way.

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