Ultrasounds and Sara

Anyone who has ever had
infertility treatments knows
the importance of ultrasounds.

These aren't the "usual"
ultrasounds with the gel and
full bladder.

Oh no...these have to be
just a little more uncomfortable
and embarassing.

These ultrasounds are done
with a vaginal probe.

Now, don't get me wrong.
As an IVF nurse, I know
how important they are.

Ultrasounds show many things:

antral follicle counts - which help to predict ovarian reserve
size of follicles - to determine when to go to retrieval or have an insemination
C-section scarring
empty gestational sac - HATE that ultrasound
ectopic pregnancy - HATE that one too!

And the best one....
growing little embryos :)   LOVE that ultrasound!

Sara is an excellent ultrasound technician.
She is one of the most compassionate people I know.
You will want her there whether it is good or bad because
she will give you the most hope and the most comfort.

Our clinic is great in that it allows the ultrasonographer
the liberty of telling the patient what is going on - good or bad - without
having to wait those few minutes for the physician.

I have seen Sara many times help couples cope through a bad
ultrasound.  She doesn't run out of the room to get the doctor.
She stays, she explains and she sends someone else to get the

Thank you Sara! 

Dr. "D"

Dr. "D" is a kind
and gentle doctor.
In fact, he always
says that "gentle" is his
middle name.
And he is right.

He looks like
Harry Potter, and
he loves to read.

I think that Dr. "D"
has been just about
everywhere and has
done everything!
If you've been
somewhere, he has
been there too or
he has a story about the

He is a walking hormone
encyclopedia. And he
can quote just about every
study that's been published.

He served our country in
Vietnam. A flight surgeon.
I think the memories of that war
have scarred him.  He hates to fly
after all those years in a helicopter
and will drive whenever possible. 

Dr. D is the best when it comes to
IVF.  He is smart and gentle and
kind and if you ever have a chance
for him to be your physician, you will
be a lucky woman.