After awhile....

After awhile, your quest
for a baby consumes you.
You're searching everywhere
for an answer....for hope....for
a sign that you will get pregnant

After awhile, you will reach a
point where you will know that
everything happens for a reason and
getting pregnant happens when it is
supposed to.

Try and remember that the sun does
come up every day and that Winter
does turn into Spring.
You can count on that.

Never give up your hope.
Because even though it is cold and
dreary and your period just came.....
Spring is around the corner.

Hold on to the hope that your
period is NOT around the corner
and with Spring
comes new life.


Dr. Deborah Serani said...

So well said and what a poignant message.


Just another Jenny said...

This really hit home for me. I am waiting to start my first IVF cycle this April. I cannot wait for winter to turn to spring and for my period to disappear. Thanks for such a good post! I added a link to your site from mine.

Sunny said...

Great post. Thank you for the encouragement.