DI Dad

Women readily talk about
their infertility.....men usually
do not.
It's commonly believed that
infertility is due to a medical
condition involving the
female. Actually, 50 % of the time it is
a female issue and 50 % of the time,
infertility is due to a male factor.

I found this blog on the Donor
Sibling Registry website.
It is very educational and
helpful to hear about this topic
from the Dad's point of view.
I know that infertility can cause
pain and emotional frustration
for a couple. Thank goodness that
science and technology are allowing parents
to conceive in alternative ways.

Thank you DI Dad for sharing
your story. I look forward
to reading your blog as it


DI_Dad said...

Janice –

As you point out above a sizeable percentage of infertility issues are male factor. Not all diagnoses result in a decision to proceed with donor insemination as mine did. Before I started my blog it became clear to me that there were few resources other than books on the topic where fathers such as myself can have a dialogue regarding day to day thoughts and how the decisions were made resulting in DI.

Even on great site like the Yahoo Donor Sibling Registry Discussion Groups it appears that most of the participants are mothers (married, SMCs, or lesbian) and very few fathers seem to be engaging in discussing their infertility of the effects of DI. I hope I can contribute to more broadening that discussion.

Thank you for letting folks know of this effort if only to hear me address my thoughts of my own experiences.

Be well!

- DI Dad

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

Great reference link.