Although it is not
quite "officially" summer,
You know it really is.
School is out.

It's warmer now.

It stays lighter in
the evening.

Summer is a time
of healing and

Stand outside and
let the sun
shine on your face.

Listen to the wind

Watch for the
thunder clouds to
roll in.

Listen to the
bumblebee as it
hovers around the

Watch the bunny
rabbits as they move
from place to place.

Sit in a rocking chair
and just rock, don't

Rest from wishing
for a baby.

Rest is good.
Let the summer
be a healing time
for you.

Rest and then
you'll have the strength
to begin your journey

1 comment:

scrappy rose said...

...I hope you do have a chance to rest and is not out here yet...I have my little darlings until the 29th...will be ready for some much need R & R then.